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Transporting troops and supplies to the battlefield, engaging in combat action and operating auxiliary equipment in the field, powering military vehicles is critical in any military application.

Critical, rugged reserve power always at the ready, EnerSys® batteries are engineered to meet the demands of battle. Whether it’s a combat platform, logistical support system, amphibious assault vehicle, communications system or ruggedized generator our Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology delivers on demand for power and performance. With features such as outstanding high starting power, maintenance-free operation, longer life, deep cycle capability, vibration resistance and superior reliability, our batteries are the preferred choice for those who count on power when they need it most. We provide superior tactical and competitive advantages through best in class battery technologies and power management systems.



EnerSys® support teams work closely with our government/military customers and defence OEMs, providing customer support that includes hands-on and in-depth assistance with site visits upon request. Our teams focus on improving equipment operational readiness and ensure that end users receive the most out of our product.

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EnerSys® batteries play a critical role in providing the soldier the much-needed reserve power in a demanding environment.

Monitoring & Fleet Management

Hawker® Armasafe™ Plus Batteries

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Hawker® UK6G40 Battery

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Hawker® Armasafe™ L-Series Batteries

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EnerSys Datacell II®

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EnerSys VBMS Battery Management System

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EnerSys Battery and Charger maintenance

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EnerSys Training Programmes

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