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Businesses are looking for new ways to better manage their energy usage, lowering demand costs, adding solar energy to support sustainability, and add resilience by providing back-up power to keep critical systems operational when power from the utility is lost. C&I Energy Storage Systems can provide this.

An increasing number of businesses are also using Energy Storage systems to store energy when electric rates are low and disbursing it when rates are high or when electric loads require extra power. This allows the business to lower their demand charges from the utility. Often these systems include storing excess solar energy to mitigate variations in generation against time of use metering to optimize the value of this asset. These same systems can be used to provide power to an islanded area of the business supporting critical operations when the electrical grid goes down unexpectedly.

Commercial, institutional and industrial facilities often have large complicated energy loads making them ideal for storage deployment. In return, the benefits to these systems go beyond simple cost savings by offering more control and the ability to optimize their energy usage strategies, increasing their resiliency and helping them to achieve their sustainability goals.

Demand charges are accelerating causing the demand for energy storage to increase. In looking to mitigate these charges, facility and energy managers are looking for new ways to even-out their load profiles. With the C&I energy storage systems value stack improving in financial return, now is the time to consider their use. The best choice will be dependent on specific incentives, tariff structures and load profiles.

If storage, or a combined solar and storage system might be a good fit for your facility, perhaps EnerSys can help achieve your goals. With a worldwide footprint and local infrastructure, we install reliable energy storage and conversion solutions and deliver the maintenance and end-of-life recycling processes that support your site deployments.




As the world leader in stored energy solutions, EnerSys provides integrated systems and services for many types of markets and industries.


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