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In remote and rural areas around the globe, as well as many urban areas that face the threat of unplanned grid outages, access to clean, reliable economic power can present challenges for businesses and small communities. By blending renewable energy generation and energy storage, microgrid systems are an ideal solution to address the problem of power access and reliability by delivering true energy resiliency without grid dependence.

In the simplest form a microgrid is a power generation solution, distributed over several locations that may or may not be connected to an established or existing grid source. While microgrids are often defined by size, a more accurate definition should be based on the function they serve rather than purely the amount of power output by a system. Even in well-developed areas of the world, businesses and homeowners are leveraging microgrid solutions that allow them to disconnect from the grid during peak daytime hours to mitigate their utility costs. Microgrid solutions are frequently used by educational campuses, airports, hospitals, military bases, industrial process and manufacturing plants, and other facilities.


Microgrid Infographic


In the case of poor power quality and grid instability, business have typically relied on exclusively on UPS systems and fossil fuel generators to provide reliable power. By adding a renewable energy source—which can include solar, wind, micro-hydro or a combination of all three — microgrids offer a unique option for delivering high quality, stable AC power for businesses and communities served at their location.

EnerSys has the expertise to support any microgrid systems being designed developed or deployed. With a worldwide footprint and local infrastructure, we install reliable energy storage and conversion solutions and deliver the maintenance and end-of-life recycling processes that support your site deployments.