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NexSys®+ chargers have high charge rates that dramatically reduce recharge times and permit opportunity charging to increase productivity and boost fleet efficiency. NexSys+ charger profiles continuously diagnose and optimize battery condition to maximize cost savings and battery life.


Avoid the need to buy additional chargers with the EnerSys exclusive IONIC charge profile, that enables one charger to service multiple batteries. All NexSys+ chargers are Wi-iQ® battery monitoring device enabled to provide battery type, voltage and capacity data to the charger. If the Wi-iQ device features temperature management, the charger will automatically compensate for temperature. NexSys+ chargers feature a 4.3" multi-color dashboard screen and advanced interface to provide enhanced diagnostics and feedback to the operator.

  • Automatic bypass of faulted module – continues charging process for uninterrupted operations
  • Up to 94% efficiency for maximum performance and energy savings
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Product Specification

Take a look at the following NexSys®+ charger product specification:


Forklifts & Pallet Trucks

Automated Guided Vehicles

Floor Care / Cleaning Machines

Ground Support Equipment

Power output kW (Min)

Power output kW (Max)

Voltage (Min)


Voltage (Max)


Communication Capabilities

CAN bus


RS 485

Wireless Wi-Fi

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