Grid-interactive renewable systems that include energy storage offer homeowners and businesses the opportunity to take control of their energy costs. EnerSys® offers a range of solutions to help meet virtually any energy objective.

A battery-based grid-interactive solar energy system can offset financial and environmental costs of grid power—with or without net-metering. And it can continue to operate during a grid outage, keeping vital lighting, refrigeration and other appliances running.

As a long-standing leader in the solar + energy storage space, OutBack Power™ provides a full suite of products and a comprehensive user-friendly online telemetry systems that enables homeowners and businesses to remotely monitor energy production, battery state of charge and adjust as needed.


Grid-Interactive Infographic


The grid can be used as much or as little as desired based on energy consumption needs and utility rates because system batteries are always available to power loads if the grid goes down or if peak rate charges are too high. Since the systems are scalable, virtually any load use profile can be accommodated.

We offer a variety of battery chemistry and power electronic combinations to ensure the best possible fit between technology and application. Our team of application engineers can help with selection to overcome these challenges. We are available to help with new, replacement or service support. With a worldwide footprint and local infrastructure, we deliver the services that support your installation.