For those who want to live and work off the beaten path, self-sufficiency is an absolute requirement. The OutBack Power™ line of stand-alone energy systems and components can take intermittent power from solar, wind and fossil fuel generators to provide consistent on-demand energy when and where you need it.

An off-grid renewable system must incorporate power electronics (inverter/charger and charge controller) and batteries to achieve true energy independence. Batteries function as the “bank” where excess renewable is deposited and then later withdrawn when needed. Required battery capacity, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), depends on the size of the loads that will be powered, meaning that there is no “one size fits all” answer. Many off-grid systems also include a generator for use during times when renewable sources are insufficient to power critical loads and charge batteries.


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OutBack Power™, now an EnerSys company, has been the industry leader in advanced reliable off-grid battery-based renewable energy systems for nearly 20 years. The rugged Radian® Series and FXR® Series inverter/chargers have been proven around the world in some of the most demanding environments on the planet. Our SystemEdge packages bundle the right combination of energy storage and power electronics to support a range of common applications and power use profiles.

Since our energy conversion and storage products are designed, developed and integrated by a single company, you can be confident that your system will run smoothly with many years of service. Various battery technologies and form factors are available to integrate the storage size and storage packaging into a scalable solution.

We are available to help with new, replacement or service support. With a worldwide footprint and local infrastructure, we deliver the services that support your installation.




With a choice of many batteries designed specifically to support energy storage, the EnerSys® PowerSafe® battery ranges let you select the best solution for your application.


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