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Our Alpha brand of DC power systems range from multi-bay systems for large switching offices to small rack-mount shelf systems for small remote offices. High-efficiency Cordex rectifiers and the CXC HP Controller are essential building blocks of our DC power solutions. Our power systems are further distinguished by a variety of distribution options and technician-friendly cable management that enable them to serve a broad variety of applications.



Though Alpha's power systems range from 10,000 Amps to 400 Amps, each system is managed by the same controller. The CXC HP Controller provides total energy system management and a single point of control and monitoring.  of various power generation and storage devices in critical power applications. With a high-resolution color touchscreen LCD display and integrated USB host for local firmware upgrades, configuration updates and system backup/restoration, the CXC HP offers best-in-class systems management and control.

Our high-efficiency Cordex rectifiers are offered in both single- and three-phase varieties. Our 3-phase 12kW rectifier efficiently converts a three-phase, three-wire 480Vac input into 12kW of 48Vdc. Single-phase 4kW rectifier is a compact, fan-cooled design that can be used in any of the Central Office power systems. The application versatility of the 4kW enables operators to standardize on a single rectifier for all power systems.




48Vdc High Capacity

Distributed Power System