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Power equipment UPS

Without a continual power supply vital traffic and security systems, such as traffic lights, alarms, cameras and communications, go dark and chaos ensues.

Our UPS modules provide reliable, clean power for many hours after utility power fails.
With low procurement, installation and maintenance costs, backup power is within reach of your budget.


FXM is a line of rugged UPS power modules used worldwide in the most demanding environments where clean backup power is needed.

Designed to perform in the most extremely demanding environments, the FXM units ensure equipment in security, communications, traffic, industrial environments, and many other critical applications remain safe and protected from power disturbances.

Thanks to its powerful programmable battery charger, the FXM is capable of providing the runtime you need.

  • UPS units are available in 230 VAC
  • Conformal coated printed circuit boards protected against moisture and dust
  • Components selected to reliably operate in the extreme temperatures
  • Communication capabilities including remote monitoring via SNMP
  • Real-time alerts and reports on UPS status
  • Monitoring from a smartphone, laptop or notebook

Product Specification

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