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StreetFlex Telecom

EnerSys has a full range of different street cabinet solutions for various broadband network topologies e.g. solutions optimized for FFTC, FTTH and FWA applications to secure a reliable and maintenance free operation.

Our solutions are highly energy-efficient, reliable, easily configurable and perfect for streets in dense urban areas.


StreetFlex portfolio includes:

  • FTTH cabinets for fiber optic management designed for street and underground deployment
  • FTTS cabinets for fiber optic and copper connections designed for street deployment
  • FWA cabinets, with power and batteries for indoor or outdoor deployment

Our solutions are tailored to offer fast installation, easy maintenance and low energy consumption - all to secure the lowest possible operating cost. We are ready to provide you with a standard or tailored solution to support your specific network needs.

  • Slim and clean silhouettes perfect for street deployments
  • Specifically designed for street environments
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High environmental protection ratings
  • Low maintenance needs
  • Very silent solutions, perfect for dense and urban areas
  • Low energy-consuming thermal management systems
  • Optimized FO management
  • High FO density

Product Specification

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Network Access

Passive Optical LANs

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