Romania Grocery Store

Grid Interactive Case Study


Village Fârdea is part of a commune of seven settlements nestled in the rolling hills of western Romania, which, once a socialist enclave, is now a member of the European union. Ringed by the Carpathian Mountains, the region’s natural beauty, legendary history as part of Transylvania, and modernizing infrastructure is transforming communities such as Fârdea into tourist and recreational destinations. In the case of Fârdea, change was accelerated by a nearby large man-made lake—developed for generating hydroelectricity to power the region, the lake has turned the town into a thriving center for fishing and boating and a magnet for new resorts and vacation homes.

The surge in both visitors and tourism dollars convinced the owner of the town’s grocery store to connect with Adrian Hang at KIA Spedition SRL in Alba, a local renewable design and installation firm, to address the store’s growing electrical needs. Adrian’s company had over 80 off-grid solar installations in Romania under their belt since starting four years previously, and was now expanding into hybrid and back-up system work.

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