New Gripper Technology Improves Worker Safety in Hostomice

Employee health, safety and comfort are ongoing priorities and EnerSys works on continuously improving the working conditions for all team members. At the EnerSys plant in Hostomice, Czech Republic, the environmental health and safety management (EHS) team is always on the lookout for opportunities to improve operations.

The Hostomice team determined that there were several manual processes in the plant’s coating lines– moving and lifting heavy trays, handling components at high temperatures (250-270°C) as they exit the oven – that could be eliminated with the implementation of the new style Gripper.

Hostomice Plant Manger, Radek Schejbal explains. “The employees in our plant work very hard every day to reliably deliver high-quality products for our customers. They know safety is everyone’s job, and when we can make an investment that makes this a bit easier, we always listen very closely. We had past experience with similar improvements and are very pleased at the positive resonance from this new equipment both in terms of productivity and overall working conditions.”

The Gripper can lift, place and release trays directly on pallets for transporting, which reduces the risk of our employees experiencing strain, injury from lifting or dropping heavy objects and contact with hot surfaces.

gripper technology

We are proud that our EHS teams at EnerSys plants around the world are always looking for ways to make production processes safe and efficient. Health and safety are a fundamental part of EnerSys culture – everywhere for everyone.