Our values drive our approach

At EnerSys, sustainability, reliability, and resilience are core to our values and embodied in our daily operations. Our products address global challenges such as climate change, decarbonization, efficient goods distribution, grid reliability, telecommunications, and innovation. Our batteries and energy storage solutions contribute to a resilient, low-carbon future.



The U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Plants Program helps leading manufacturers boost their resilience and economic competitiveness by supporting improvements in energy efficiency. As part of the program, EnerSys has committed to reducing our energy intensity by 25% over the next ten years with 2020 as our baseline year.

In 2023, EnerSys won the Better Practice Award for the implementation of the EnerSys Operating System (EOS). EnerSys won the Better Project Award in 2024 for implementation of the cold-cube cutting process which significantly reduces emissions and lead exposure.




The Award-winning EnerSys Operating System: In 2023, EnerSys won the distinguished Energy Efficiency Initiative of the Year award as part of Environmental Finance’s Sustainable Company Awards. The recognition was given specifically for the implementation of the EOS, a lean management program designed to identify, reduce, or eliminate excess waste and associated costs across its operations. View our press release to learn more.

Energy Efficiency Initiative of the Year award

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Materiality Assessment

In alignment with the EnerSys corporate sustainability strategy, we updated our materiality assessment in 2023 to meet double materiality standards, in which we identify and prioritize material risks, opportunities and potential external impacts. The assessment informs our sustainability reporting and disclosure efforts, ensuring that EnerSys reports on the issues most relevant to stakeholders and the business. EnerSys designed the 2023 assessment to engage the company‘s internal subject matter experts (SMEs) and delve into the environmental, social and governance topics that have the most significant bearing on our operations, stakeholders and the world.


As a result of our assessment, we identified 11 recurring themes related to impacts, risks and opportunities. The themes fall under multiple materiality topics. If new themes emerged, we incorporated them into the materiality topics covered in our 2021 Sustainability Report.3 We employed the following three-part process below.

2021 Sustainability Report