Increase your network availability

As the leader in cable broadband power, EnerSys® has right-sized energy storage solutions to keep your network operational through extended power outages.

Fast, reliable network availability has never been more important, and in many ways an essential element for daily life. Network outages have significant ramifications for businesses and consumers, from online transactions to emergency services to social engagement and life management.

Your network must be resilient to extreme weather conditions, and power grid disruptions and outages. As power events increase, so does your risk of a network outage as well as truck rolls required to keep generators fueled and running.

With so much at stake, having a reliable backup supply of reserve power is foundational to keeping your customers connected when the grid fails, while improving sustainability through a reduction of truck deployments.


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Utility power outages are on the rise in terms of frequency and duration, with growing risk to network availability if your outside plant is not prepared for extended battery runtime.

In the United States, major climate events and extreme temperature cycles are putting unprecedented demand on utility grids across the country.

  • Unexpected extreme high or low temperature spells in a region place significant pressure on electric grids as more cooling or heating devices are used to for homes and businesses.
  • The growing dependence on unreliable energy sources like wind and solar must be supported by reliable energy reserves to avoid energy shortages in cases where renewables aren’t producing.
  • Most utilities carry very little reserve fuel supplies for electricity generation, instead relying on neighboring regions to sell short-term power at high rates in cases where un-forecasted demand exceeds supply. If additional power cannot be acquired then utilities are forced to force power outages, or “shed load”.
  • Decades of inadequate capital investments into aging utility transmission lines are forcing outages in places like California to mitigate patterns of catastrophic wildfires sparked by faulty power lines.

Focusing Stored Energy Where It Matters Most


Focusing Stored Energy Where It Matters Most

We have charted a course to meet future bandwidth needs with the 10G initiative, and new mobility offerings are leveraging the HFC network to ensure connectivity while on the go. With all of this, it has never been more important to have reliable power to keep the network up and running.

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Protecting your network against extended utility outages may require multiple solutions based on location-based backup requirements and site limitations. EnerSys® has solutions to help you extend your network runtime during extended utility outages with energy storage and cabinet system combinations.


Energy storage

Upgrading your existing batteries is the simplest and most cost-effective approach to increasing runtime. EnerSys has energy storage solutions that will provide the runtime you need based on your availability and site requirements.

Energy storage cabinets

Enclosure extensions for existing sites

Alpha® extended runtime enclosure extensions provide space for an additional string of batteries to existing PWE and UPE enclosures, preserving the original permitted footprint or attachment.

New construction enclosures

Alpha pole, wall and ground mount single power supply enclosures support distributed powering architectures. The power supply is located on the equipment shelf above the batteries for maximum convection cooling, making the enclosure ideal for use in all climates. Alpha’s low profile enclosure is an ideal solution for cable network power where traditional equipment is too large or bulky. The LPE enclosure offers a low-profile solution to keep your customer’s communications alive.

Extreme runtime

PN-4 Powernode enclosures

The Powernode (PN) Series enclosures offer flexibility and modular expandability for broadband powering applications. PN Series enclosures accommodate multiple battery configurations including top or front-terminal, Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) or Lithium-Ion batteries to meet the highest runtime requirements.

Extreme runtime systems

Delivering up to 72 hours of extended runtime, these systems were designed to provide extreme resiliency to the most critical areas of your network.

Alpha® XRT-TPPL extended runtime power system

Single or dual-enclosure system leveraging the benefits of the Alpha® XM3.1-HP™ broadband UPS and up to six strings of Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) top terminal batteries.

XRT TTPL Technical Documentation


Alpha® XRT-Li extended runtime power system

Alpha® XRT-Li extended runtime power system , leveraging the award-winning Alpha® XM3.1-HP™ broadband UPS and PowerSafe® iON battery power module (BPM) with lithium-ion technology, scales to safely provide anywhere from 8 to 72 hours of unparalleled high-density backup power capacity that helps ensure your network’s resiliency.

XRT Lithium Technical Documentation


Extreme Weather—Is Your Network Vulnerable?


Extreme Weather—Is Your Network Vulnerable?

Pressure is consequently growing on multiple-system operators (MSOs) to solidify their distributed hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) networks against more significant power outages by extending runtimes. While longer runtimes at any HFC network site can be achieved by adding generators, batteries, or both, it is not always that simple

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Extended Runtime: How Will It Affect Your Network Infrastructure?

Extended Runtime: How Will It Affect Your Network Infrastructure?

The cable broadband network has evolved from being a vehicle for the provision of entertainment services to become a strategic element of the country’s infrastructure, providing broadband internet access to both homes and businesses. Without appropriate backup measures in place, however, network availability is only as good as the utility grid that powers it.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Batteries

Getting the Most Out of Your Batteries

As expectations on network runtimes grow, and while utility outages become more frequent, multiple-system operators (MSOs) should review their deployed battery backup solutions. The challenge facing network operations is how to safely and cost-effectively increase energy densities across the hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) network.

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