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Putting an end to e-waste

In a world where we are constantly surrounded by technology – phones, TVs, laptops, computers and more – few people get the chance to stop and think about what happens to these devices once they’ve reached the end of their functioning lives. Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a growing problem as many of these electronic devices are difficult to recycle due to their complex make-up or their potential to leak toxic materials if they are disposed of incorrectly.

As an energy and technology company that has a long and deep commitment to the proper recycling of our own products, EnerSys is dedicated to finding solutions to the e-waste challenge that can minimize harmful impacts on the environment while also benefitting the larger community.

When Michael Dang, IT Operations Manager of the EnerSys Asia Pacific region, heard of PhoneCycle, he knew they would be a great partner for EnerSys. PhoneCycle is an Australia-based company that helps businesses increase their sustainability through the ethical disposal, reuse and recycling of electronic devices with minimal impact on the environment while also maximizing a positive effect on Australian communities. To date, they have diverted over 63,000 kilograms of e-waste from landfills.

Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate 


This year, Michael and his team worked with PhoneCycle to donate over 144 damaged or unusable devices for reuse, recycling and ethical disposal. By making this donation, EnerSys prevented 56 kg of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions and saved 284 kg of mineral resources (like aluminum, copper, cobalt, gold, silver and lithium), reducing the need for further extraction of additional materials from the earth.

“It’s a no-brainer,” said Michael. “We have always been mindful of the ethical disposal of our e-waste, but PhoneCycle takes it to another level by supporting charities and communities in need through converting the old devices into much needed funds, making it a socially and environmentally conscious choice.”

PhoneCycle securely wipes donated devices using Blancco, an enterprise secure data erasure application. If they find any value in donated devices – either from the raw materials or with the device refurbished -- they offer the option to donate that money to charity. With our most recent donation, Michael’s team opted to support Footy Colours Day, a national community event that helps support children with cancer keep up with school, ultimately raising AU$16,401 (~US$10, 300) for the cause.

“I am excited at the potential for this ongoing partnership to show that we as a business are dedicated to building a more sustainable future through ethically and sustainably disposing of our devices,” said Michael. “As a company with sustainability at the forefront of our actions, we’re always looking for more opportunities to do better and be better in all our business facets – it’s part of who we are.”