Improving Worker Health and Safety in Poland

We are constantly striving to improve working conditions at all EnerSys facilities around the world. Part of those efforts are plan to implement several changes at one of our largest plants, located in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. The improvement efforts are intended to continue to improve worker safety, make assembly processes more ergonomic and reduce accident rates and potential health risks to our workers.

The EnerSys Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) process involves weekly improvement audits, which include health and safety audits and social labor audits. At the Poland plant, the teams conducting these audits identified areas for improvement and from their findings, the teams quickly took action and created a plan to make the necessary changes.

Changes to the assembly line include the addition of special lift trucks to remove off-spec cell packs from the line, eliminating the need for the workers to remove the cell packs manually and risk potential injury or health risks from heavy objects. There will also be trolleys to help move cell packs from the line to shelves that have adjustable heights, providing a more ergonomic assembly process.

Some other improvements include adding an off-spec removal station – which also helps to minimize health risks – and widening some areas of the assembly area to give workers more space.

“Safety drives everything we do at EnerSys. Our goal every day is for our employees to come to work, perform their job safely and go home to their families. We work diligently to identify and correct potential hazards and empower our people to provide input and feedback so we can better make that happen.” - Randy Reyer, Sr. Director, Global Environmental, Health & Safety


Environmental, Health & Safety At EnerSys, we are committed to ensuring our employees can work in safe environments, and we will provide the resources necessary to prevent injuries and illnesses. We rely on our EHS processes to proactively identify areas where we can improve and reduce risks to employee health. We also rely on our team members to speak up and call attention to areas of concern so we can be continuously improving our processes and making working environments safer for our people.