Powering the Future – EnerSys Recognized for Supporting Our Community

EnerSys has operations around the world, which means the people who work at our company are a part of hundreds of communities. Engaging with and supporting these local communities is a core part of who we are and what we do. For Joe Lewis, EnerSys Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, this has meant a multi-decade commitment to Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Berks County, which supports at-risk youth through mentoring opportunities and programs like tutoring. During this time, he has encouraged other EnerSys employees to also support this impactful non-profit organization through mentoring programs, participation in fundraisers like Bowl For Kids’ Sake, and more. This year, EnerSys was recognized for our efforts and Joe, on behalf of EnerSys, accepted the Corporate Sponsor of the Year award at the BBBS annual holiday party.


“This was such an incredible honor for me and for EnerSys,” says Joe. “I’ve been involved with BBBS for over two decades now and I’m so glad I get to support the BBBS community and programs both personally and through work.” BBBS operates under the belief that every child has inherent potential, and to tap into that, the program makes monitored matches between adult volunteers ("Bigs") and children ("Littles"), ages five through young adulthood in communities across the country.

“It’s incredibly meaningful and important to me to work for a company that gives back to the communities we operate in,” says Joe. “We all live and work in these communities, so it’s our responsibility to invest back in them to improve the lives of the people around us. It’s a big part of our culture and who we are at EnerSys.

In 2023, EnerSys is continuing its partnership with BBBS through their SMART program, which stands for “Students & Mentors Achieving Results Together.” The SMART program is the BBBS school-based program at Glenside Elementary, which matches EnerSys employee mentors with children to help with schoolwork and do fun activities that enhance self-esteem, socialization skills, and more. Additionally, EnerSys is partnering as a Title Sponsor in the BBBS Jason Claudfelter Golf Invitation in August 2023. With EnerSys’ support in these programs, BBBS is able to bring needed resources to six different school districts in Berks County. 

“We’re so thankful for people and organizations like Joe and EnerSys for devoting so much time and talent to us, and for ultimately recognizing the potential in our Littles,” says Jim Smith, Executive Director at BBBS of Berks County.

“Every time I meet the kids and hear how BBBS has had an impact on their lives, I’m always moved,” says Joe. “Hearing those stories and seeing them benefit and thrive – it makes it all worth it.”

If you’re a Reading-based employee and would like to sign up or learn more about the 2023 BBBS SMART program, and/or the Golf Invitational, please reach out to sustainability@enersys.com.