The Alpha® AMPS HP2 modular inverter system offers telecom-grade power for critical AC loads. Exceptional reliability, 94% power efficiency, and optimal power density are key features. It can be configured in either single, split or three-phase arrangements, in ranges from 10 to 75kVA.

Smaller inverters, such as INEX, are fully integrated, single-phase systems designed to backup critical AC loads and offer optional N+1 redundancy.

AMPS products come in various sizes to match the application. The 10 to 30kVA inverter configurations are available in 19 and 22 inch rack-mount versions. The 40kVA & 75kVA versions are available in 7 foot box bays and can be configured either as an inverter or UPS. All versions use the same core modular inverters and are controlled by Alpha’s CXC HP controller.

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