Joern Tinnemeyer

Joern Tinnemeyer has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer since October 16, 2017. He joined EnerSys in August 2016 as its Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. Joern is responsible for global engineering, global quality, and technology development. His primary focus of expertise includes energy storage systems, system design optimization, safety topologies and control theory. He has worked on some of the most advanced lithium battery packs for major automotive OEMs. He currently also serves as Chairman of NaatBatt, North America’s foremost organization to foster advanced energy storage systems.

Joern studied applied mathematics and electrical engineering at the University of Toronto and holds a MSc in Astronautics and Space Engineering.

Our goal is, and always has been, to develop and lead with innovative technology designed to deliver the best user experience possible.

Joern Tinnemeyer, Senior Vice President and CTO