There are many responsibilities that come with being the leading manufacturer of industrial batteries. At EnerSys®, we're proud to be doing our part by providing the trained personnel, facilities and documentation to handle recycling properly worldwide.

End-users of batteries must also accept certain obligations. Among the most vital of these is recognizing that for all the benefits batteries provide, if they are mishandled or improperly disposed of they could potentially harm our environment. Working together, we must do everything we can to make sure batteries are recycled in an environmentally safe manner. It's an obligation we share as an industry.

We are committed to:
  • Ensure our operations and products meet or exceed government requirements
  • Develop products that will have a minimum effect on our environment
  • Monitor, control and eliminate (where possible) all environmental emissions, discharges and waste generated by our operations
  • Work with organizations to develop equitable and realistic laws, regulations and standards to protect public health and the environment

Our battery recycling program makes it easy for you to help preserve our environment, and it protects you from the penalties of non-compliance.

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