Rail transportation is an ever growing and important part of today’s drive toward a more efficient lower carbon world and connected cities.

Today’s modern rail transportation operators demand innovative and efficient power solutions that offer enhanced life-cycle performance and optimal power to weight ratio to maintain the highest levels of reliability, safety and levels of service. EnerSys® offers tried and tested products coupled with a global support and service network, offering a complete power package that keeps rolling stock moving while protecting the bottom line.



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To address the unique challenges of the rail rolling stock applications EnerSys® has developed a comprehensive range of products engineered to provide solutions for Auxiliary Power Supply (APS), Diesel Start (DS) and traction applications.

From blocs and cells to fully engineered solutions, our engineering teams work in partnership with rolling stock designers, manufacturers and operators to create innovative and bespoke systems that provide enhanced service life and improved life cycle costs.


Purpose engineered systems powering the rail stock of the 21st century safely and reliably.


PowerSafe® LMS Batteries

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PowerSafe® LMUD Batteries

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PowerSafe® UB Batteries

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We are constantly working with our clients to provide the right product solutions their ever-changing rail applications require.

Gordon Babock, EnerSys Project & Design Authority Manager