Passive Optical LANs (POL) are replacing traditional copper-based local area networks (LANs) because deploying fiber optics to the edge of the network increases bandwidth and lowers TCO.

POL utilizes a fiber backbone effectively making network infrastructure future-proof. As technology evolves, only end points will require upgrades, unlike copper LANs which require disruptive rip-and-replace upgrades for cabling and equipment. POL is an infrastructure asset that improves the value of a building. EnerSys® pioneered the use of NEC® Class 2 distributed power systems to bring power to the POL Optical Network Terminations (ONT). Power is safely delivered over copper cables to ONTs located far from a power source. Like POL, the distributed copper power network becomes a valuable asset for building owners. 


With power density and footprint in mind, our eLimiter+ Class 2 power distribution unit can power up to 36 ONTs. Cables extending from the eLimiter+ connect directly to the ONT, eliminating the need for an AC outlet at the far end. Compliance with Class 2 standards eliminate the need for licensed electricians to perform the installation and turn up.

Two primary power architectures address most buildings—centralized or distributed—usually defined by the size and shape of a building. The centralized architecture includes a -48VDC power plant and batteries located in a central location such as the basement. The -48VDC power connects to floors equipped with an eLimiter+. The single DC plant and batteries is simple to maintain plus requires minimum space on each floor.

In a distributed architecture, smaller -48VDC power plants are collocated with each eLimiter+. This lowers equipment and installation costs, but requires space in the equipment rooms.




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Remote power has been a key enabler in the growth of POL. For systems integrators, remote power improves reliability and lowers TCO.

Brian Hanson, EnerSys Strategic Account Manager

Passive Optical Lan


Passive Optical Lan

For decades, the Local Area Network (LAN) has been a cornerstone for enterprise IT architectures. With cascaded aggregation and switching devices tied together by copper cabling, these sophisticated networks have endured a stream of never-ending changes.

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