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EnerSys has been a global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications for over 100 years. EnerSys is a publicly traded company with over 11,000 employees across four continents. Headquartered in Reading, PA, with additional regional headquarters in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia, our manufacturing and operations serve over 10,000 customers worldwide and bring stored energy solutions and systems to over 100 countries.

At EnerSys, our purpose is more than simply building batteries and energy systems. We are driven by a passion to keep the world working by developing and delivering power systems and solutions that keep people connected across their communities and the globe. We are dedicated to building a world where everyone can count on reliable power to allow them to work and live better.


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Our technologies play a critical role in the fight against climate change; both in mitigating climate change and helping our world become more resilient to climate impacts. EnerSys views ‘climate technology’ as a product that can reduce CO2 emissions more than the emissions required to produce it. Many of our products meet this definition, and we are energized by their positive worldwide impact.

Our energy storage (batteries) and energy systems allow for more effective and rapid decarbonization by bridging the gap between intermittent renewable energy generation (like wind and solar) and power demand by ensuring seamless connectivity between production and consumption periods.

Our solutions enable customers across the globe to meet their energy and carbon emission reduction goals while providing reliable and affordable energy access. In 2023, EnerSys produced around 13 gigawatt hours of energy storage capacity, which is used to ensure safe, affordable and clean power for industries and people worldwide.

Our products and services enable the widespread adoption of renewable energy, supporting global greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals and helping to slow the impacts of climate change. And, as climate impacts interrupt power supplies, our technology supports communities when they need it most by providing reliable and affordable access to energy.
We invest significant resources into research and development, testing and certification to ensure that our products remain safe for our customers and consumers. As such, we pursue quality management system certifications for the industries in which we operate, including the AS9100 for aerospace, the ISO 13485 for medical devices, the ISO 26262 for Lithium-ion Batteries (LiBs) in Motive Power applications and the TL9000 certification for telecom devices.


EnerSys delivers uninterruptible power systems applications for computer and computer-controlled systems used in data centers, as well as telecoms, switchgear and electrical control systems used in industrial facilities and electric utilities, large-scale energy storage and energy pipelines. It also includes highly integrated power solutions for broadband, telecom, renewable and industrial customers, and thermally managed enclosures for electronic equipment and batteries.


EnerSys delivers power for electric industrial forklifts used in manufacturing, warehousing, and other material handling applica-tions, automated guided vehicles, mining equipment, diesel locomotive starting, and other rail equipment. Our technology supports pathways to lower emis-sions in motive power.


EnerSys delivers premium starting, lighting and ignition applications in transportation, energy solutions for satellites and other spacecraft, military aircraft, submarines, ships and other tactical vehicles, medical systems and security systems.


New Ventures – our newest line of business – provides energy storage and management systems for various applications including demand charge reduction, utility back-up power, and dynamic fast charging for electric vehicles..



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