Whether it's banking, online gaming, social media, remote working or streaming, thousands of gigabytes of data are consumed every day. This immense amount of data must be accessible 24/7. If there is a power outage, batteries designed for UPS applications help to ensure mission-critical facilities stay online without interruption.


If you operate cloud, colocation, edge, or an enterprise data center there are increasing demands on cooling, power and space efficiency and ensuring reliable system availability. At EnerSys® we offer scalable high-energy density storage options, cabinets and racks to meet these requirements. Together with our specialist installation and battery maintenance services, we safeguard your data during power outages by delivering near-instantaneous protection.


As the global digital landscape evolves, data centers are scaling up, growing their workload, and undertaking more multi-user hosting services. Downtime is not an option. EnerSys supports your essential infrastructure with flexible, high-energy density back-up power solutions that ensure uninterrupted power to mission-critical applications. Keeping data safe and maintaining system up-time.

UPS system requirements are also changing—delivering shorter autonomy times to counter rising incidences of electrical failure—and placing new demands on the UPS battery. When there is a power outage, your UPS battery reinforces your critical infrastructure to initiate the UPS generator and ensure business continuity until it is up-to-speed. Therefore, a UPS is only as good as your batteries, the most critical component in your data center.

The changes in the data center landscape bring new challenges to overcome, including power grid instability, environmental concerns, increased demand and accessibility, pressure to reduce OPEX, and limited space on site. As they continue to play a more vital role in the global community, data center owners and operators will need to seek solutions for these dilemmas.


From new installations to upgrading legacy sites, EnerSys® continually advances our energy storage solutions to offer greater reliability, longer service life and reduced maintenance.


Power is crucial to every industry sector. Only best-in-class UPS battery technologies can ensure the reliable power that is crucial to maintaining data center operations.


Power outages or interruptions could cost your operations enormously—in revenue, resource and customer perception. Reliable energy storage helps you to maintain up time.

Hongwei Pan, EnerSys Sales Manager