The Role of Energy Storage

Batteries and energy storage solutions have been a vital part of ensuring safe, affordable and reliable energy worldwide for well over a century. Batteries are now ubiquitous in modern-day life, from providing the initial energy required to start internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to powering passenger and industrial electric vehicles (EVs) to providing critical backup power for the electricity grid, telecommunications, disaster relief and healthcare facilities.


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Stationary batteries can be deployed at critical locations and provide utilities with the adaptability they need to meet the world’s growing power demands and provide reliable electricity whenever it is needed, wherever it is needed. When excess electricity is produced – for instance, by wind turbines at night – batteries store that green electricity to be used at a later time. Energy storage solutions eliminate the need to curtail renewable electricity generation where there is insufficient demand and reduce the amount of variability on the power grid. As countries, companies and communities set climate targets to increase their renewable energy usage, batteries will bridge that gap between strained electricity grids and meeting their goals.

Automotive batteries for electric transportation and motive power batteries for industrial electric vehicles also support emission reductions. Batteries are dramatically changing the transport sector as pressure to transition from ICE vehicles to hybrids and EVs increases. Energy storage solutions support decarbonization goals in transportation and industrial sectors by eliminating the emissions produced by combustion engines, especially if the batteries are charged by renewable electric sources. Stationary batteries can also expand the availability of EV charging, especially in rural areas where the infrastructure doesn’t currently exist.

“Batteries are sustainability technology. While there are different types of battery/chemistries, they all support critical applications across the globe. EnerSys is committed to developing innovative, reliable and cost-effective energy storage and service solutions that support the needs of current and future customers.”

Joern Tinnemeyer
Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer


Lead battery technology is tried and true and has been around for over a century. Lead batteries are particularly advantageous for short bursts of electricity required to cold crank engines. Unlike other technologies, lead batteries are rated for high altitude. Their weight provides ballast when needed, and they are also often the most cost-effective compared to other energy storage technologies. Most impressively, lead batteries have a well-established, closed-loop recycling economy that spans the globe. EnerSys® is a leader in this space – for more information about our role in lead recycling, please visit the End of Use Management section of this report.


Lithium-ion Batteries (LiBs) are a relatively new technology, first introduced into the market in the 1990s. There are different types of LiBs, including Lithium Iron Phosphate (LIP), Lithium Cobalt Oxide (LCO), Lithium Manganese Oxide (LMO) and Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC). Each battery type has specific energy, life cycle and application advantages. Lithium chemistry technologies are now the dominant battery system for portable applications, especially electric vehicles (EVs). LiBs have a higher energy density than most other chemistries, including lead-acid batteries, meaning that they can store more energy compared to other batteries of the same size. They are also lighter in weight than lead batteries with the same capacity, making them ideal for EVs. Additionally, lithium batteries can be cycled more often and more deeply on a given charge, enabling longer use before a recharge and a greater overall lifespan. However, LiB technology faces challenges, including responsible end-of-use processes, as they do not yet have the same circular life cycle infrastructure as lead batteries. EnerSys is working diligently, along with industry groups and other affected companies, to support the development of this infrastructure. For more information about our partnerships, please visit the End of Use Management section of this report.

Our Industries


From macro cells and small cells to private 5G networks to the mobile core and edge computing, our power systems enable the deployment of 5G networks. But we don’t just energize the network – our range of battery solutions make sure it keeps running even when the lights go out.

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EnerSys® provides solutions supporting the vital parts of the network, providing the means to its safe and uninterruptible functioning.

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Unrivaled power solutions to keep you moving on land, rail or sea.

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When readiness and reliability are paramount, EnerSys® batteries are hard at work in the world’s most critical and demanding applications. High performance, low maintenance and long life are the hallmarks of EnerSys products. Power ready to meet the challenge wherever and whenever the mission requires.

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Your safety is paramount, whether at home or at work, in the classroom or traveling about. We rely on signs, systems and instruments that all depend on reliable power solutions from EnerSys®.

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An essential industry within a fast-changing landscape.

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Connectivity is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. In business and leisure, your customers expect reliable connections to access data, information and entertainment at home, in the office and on the go. We build the systems that power reliable connections around the world.

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Whether it's banking, online gaming, social media, remote working or streaming, thousands of gigabytes of data are consumed every day. This immense amount of data must be accessible 24/7. If there is a power outage, batteries designed for UPS applications help to ensure mission-critical facilities stay online without interruption.

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Power generation, distribution and industrial process control are vital to supporting today’s society. Technical advancements and a worldwide digital conversion require the power network to be both reliable and resilient.

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We enable quality of life sustaining functions to many patients across the world by providing the power to medical devices.

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Our Businesses

EnerSys products are sustainability products. Our energy storage and energy systems enable customers across the globe to meet their energy and carbon emission reduction goals while providing reliable and affordable energy access. In 2022, EnerSys produced more than 13 GWh of energy storage capacity, which is used to ensure safe, affordable, clean power for industries and people worldwide.

Our customers rely on EnerSys to provide reliable and resilient products for critical applications when the stakes are high. We invest significant resources into research and development and testing and certification to ensure that our products remain safe for our customers and consumers, no matter what. In 2022, this totaled over $3.8 million towards research and development. Our continuous improvement commitment means constantly innovating, enhancing safety, improving performance and innovative new technologies.

We pursue quality management system certifications for the industries we operate in, including the AS9100 for aerospace, the ISO 13485 for medical devices, the ISO 26262 for LiBs in Motive Power applications and the TL9000 certification for telecom devices.

Energy Systems

More than 25 of our top customers have committed to RE100, a 100% renewable energy initiative.

Our Energy Systems business provides primary and backup power for major industrial segments across the globe, including Telecom, Broadband, Industrial, and Data Centers. Our products and service solutions ensure that modern life keeps moving, whether the power is out or not.

Efficient, high-performance power and battery technologies allow swappable battery modules to replace traditional generators, which are typically powered by fossil fuels. This provides more efficient – and more sustainable – solutions to our customers. We work every day in Energy Systems with telecommunications, data centers, health systems and other commercial clients to provide power conversion and energy storage solutions that ensure that reliable power remains available in a more quantifiably sustainable way than backup power generators.

Generators are traditionally powered by diesel, natural gas or liquid propane and can continue to run as long as they receive a constant fuel supply. In contrast, backup battery systems run on electricity and can be charged in various ways, including from the grid, solar panels or other renewable energy sources. Our Energy Systems business manufactures and distributes:

  • Energy Storage/batteries
  • Power Conversion
  • Premium Enclosures
  • Power and Battery accessories

Energy Storage works closely with customers to support the expansion of their renewable energy usage as well. For the world to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and address the worst impacts of the climate crisis, the zero-carbon electricity provided by renewable energy will need to be more accessible and reliable. For this to happen, it is critical to have scalable and distributed energy storage solutions. Through both our current portfolio and our ongoing work developing new solutions, we aim to advance and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. Our products provide the storage solutions needed to maximize the reliability of renewable energy generation, especially during peak demand.

“In the last year, we have seen tremendous progress in our sustainability awareness and initiatives at EnerSys. This is critical to how we do business in Energy Systems, as our customers have high expectations and strong sustainability programs in their own companies. Our culture is always customer-first - how can we understand and meet their needs to provide the best, most reliable solutions possible. Now it’s also - how can we help drive their progress towards their sustainability goals through both our solutions and reducing our own footprint”

Drew M. Zogby
President - Energy Systems

Motive Power

EnerSys is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial forklift batteries and chargers.

The EnerSys line of Motive Power batteries is extensive, with innovative products spanning a variety of battery chemistries for every budget application. Our batteries are used primarily in electric forklift trucks and other commercial electric vehicles. EnerSys is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial forklift batteries and chargers.

Around 65% of the forklifts manufactured today are powered by batteries. From Flooded Lead Acid (FLA) batteries to virtually maintenance-free Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) and now Lithium-ion batteries as well, EnerSys can supply solutions for the unique needs of our customers. Our world-class Ensite software allows current and potential customers to make confident, data-driven decisions regarding what power solution is best for their fleet. This software compares multiple battery chemistries and identifies the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) solution tailored to their application. Our premier data reporting systems also record and analyze vital data during operation to make sure operators are meeting their productivity and profitability goals.

Powering forklifts and other industrial vehicles electrically with batteries has numerous advantages over traditional fossil fuel sources. They emit no greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at the vehicles, and the emissions from the electricity used to power them are significantly less than from propane or even hydrogen-powered forklifts based on the average U.S. power grid makeup. If the forklifts are charged by renewable energy sources, then the reduction in GHG emissions is even more significant. This is a lower carbon option for our customers to power their material handling needs, supporting their sustainability efforts and goals.

The benefits of our products go beyond just greenhouse gas emissions and energy. Our next-generation TPPL batteries reduce our customers’ water use as well, displacing as much as 50 liters of distilled water per week. This saves our customers time, water costs and often energy costs for water distillation. TPPL also provides charging efficiencies, with full fast charging in less than two hours. This allows our customers to reduce their electricity usage, maintenance and energy costs and ultimately lower their emissions.

Finally, in addition to improving our customers’ environmental performance, EnerSys Motive power batteries can also save money by offering reduced operating and maintenance costs compared to traditional forklift fuel sources. ICE vehicles require regular maintenance to keep their engines and mechanical parts working over the vehicle’s lifetime – our batteries, especially LiBs and TPPL batteries, eliminate the need for that. This can significantly reduce an operator’s maintenance capital budget, which allows them to focus their money on their operations and sustainability programs.

“EnerSys is a sustainability technology company with a clear place in the clean energy future. Our batteries have been changing the landscape of Motive Power for decades, making material handling greener and more cost-effective for our customers. As companies continue to set goals to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage for mobility in their operations, our products and services will continue to provide the solutions to keep them moving forward.”

Shawn M. O’Connell
President - Motive Power

Lift trucks powered by EnerSys batteries produce lower greenhouse gases (GHG) than lift trucks powered by other fuels.

Specialty Global

Our custom energy solutions are used in the most rugged and rigorous applications – from remote parts of the planet to outer space.

Our Specialty Global business works directly with some of our largest customers to engineer advanced, reliable energy storage solutions for their needs. This part of our business serves many industries and applications, including long-haul trucking, aerospace and climate resilience.

Specialty Global batteries utilize advanced technologies to provide premier performance for our customers. Our specialized lithium technologies power critical transportation and aerospace applications, while our TPPL technology is a significant player in the application using absorbed glass materials.

Specialty Global also supports the reduction of our clients’ greenhouse gas emissions while concurrently improving their resilience to extreme weather events. Advanced battery systems provide a solution for managing power outages and rising energy costs, as they allow customers to store power when readily available and save it for when it's needed most.

From initial needs assessments to project planning, through installation and maintenance, the EnerSys Specialty Global team is an industry leader in providing solutions that support critical missions, keep the lights on, provide peace of mind and enable our customers to mitigate risks from climate change.

“In Specialty Global and across the company, our employees take pride not just in the sustainability capabilities of our products, but in the sustainability progress we are making internally at EnerSys. They hold us accountable to high environmental and social standards and aren’t afraid to speak up when they see opportunities for us to do better. It’s invigorating to lead such an engaged organization that is in tune with the world around them, and I’m excited for what the future holds at EnerSys.”

Mark Matthews
Senior Vice President - Specialty

Sustainability Update 2022

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We are meeting the growing demand for energy efficiency, reliability and sustainability solutions that provide accessible power to people everywhere.

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In this report, we showcase our progress and provide insight into our baseline sustainability performance, the progress we have achieved and our goals for the future.

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Our energy storage and energy systems enable customers across the globe to meet their energy and carbon emission reduction goals while providing reliable and affordable energy access.

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We are committed to acting as a responsible industry leader through our environmental management systems. Environmental compliance and stewardship are built into our EnerSys Operating System (EOS).

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We strive to be an employer of choice, where individuals are valued and part of a team that promotes their growth and development, personally and professionally.

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Our reputation for building reliable products and solutions is rooted in our strong corporate governance. We are committed to maintaining the trust of our stakeholders.

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As we work to create shared value and success, we look forward to engaging with all our stakeholders as we progress along our sustainability journey.

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