Advanced wireless technologies are integral to the broadband vision for 10G speeds and beyond. The number of outdoor 5G, small cell and Wi-Fi access points is expected to far exceed today’s 4G/LTE macro sites for the required coverage. To deliver maximum service, each new radio and access point will require reliable power and backhaul.

Power and backhaul connections are not always available at sites where access points (AP’s) or small cells are to be installed. New utility power connections can be costly and time consuming. An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) must also be installed at sites where reliable communications are critical. A backhaul connection can be costly, especially if new cabling must be installed.

The broadband cable network has both UPS power and backhaul communications available. A reliable, cost effective method of interfacing new wireless devices to this network resolves both backhaul and reliability powering dilemmas.

5G Small Cells and WiFi Infographic

EnerSys® is the leader in network powering and backhaul access and the AlphaGateway® line of solutions convert power from the existing broadband network to various formats used by AP’s and small cells. Integral DOCSIS® modems and routers provide high speed, low latency communication interface to backhaul data from wireless radios onto the broadband network.

Each AlphaGateway is designed to provide years of reliable service in harsh, outdoor environments. Multiple powering configurations including AC, DC and PoE variations are available to support current and future AP and small cell needs.



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From project initiation to end-of-life, our global suite of services supports your backup power needs while our global design, engineering and service specialists are ideally positioned to support your projects from conception and installation to on-site maintenance and after-sales service.

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Cable operators are realizing the value to power and backhaul new radios coming online each year. AlphaGateway was designed for this very purpose.

Riley Lehecka, EnerSys Senior Product Manager

City of Tampa


City of Tampa

The Alpha Strand-Mount Gateway (SMG) enables you to access clean, reliable, redundant electrical power and high speed broadband to deploy small cell radios up to 100 meters away from the AlphaGateway SMG.

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