Sustainability Report 2021


A word from our CEO

The year 2021 was yet another filled with unprecedented challenges, unforeseen developments and unique opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic continued to affect the global economy, our supply chains and our daily lives. A multitude of nations faced political unrest, and extreme weather events impacted communities on every continent. As a global society, we are being called upon to find solutions to combat the effects of climate change and protect the equalities and livelihoods of all people around the globe. EnerSys® is committed to doing our part to advance solutions that create a more sustainable future for our organization, our shareholders, our customers and the communities where we live and serve.

At our core, EnerSys delivers solutions that meet our customers’ most critical energy services and storage challenges. We also enable our customers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and provide affordable and reliable access to energy – often referred to as “climate technology.” Our products support a wide range of industries and applications, from ensuring the reliability of broadband in rural communities to powering submarines and satellites to the manufacture and distribution of food supplies and critical health infrastructure.

We are keenly aware that there is no single solution to the array of challenges the world faces as we trans-form our energy production and consumption. Batteries of all chemistries will be a key component to decar-bonization globally. As countries and companies set emissions reduction and electrification goals in line with COP26 – the climate conference held in Glasgow, Scotland in November 2021 – EnerSys products will enable them to bridge the gap between their ambitious targets and current infrastructure realities. Energy storage is vital to the global energy transition and the expansion of intermittent renewable power sources like wind and solar. Batteries add resilience and adaptability to the power grid and will be critical to expanding the infrastructure needed for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. We recognize that building a sustainable future starts at home. While our products and the services we provide are critical to the low carbon transition, so is reducing the impact of their manufacturing, transporting and distribution. In 2021, we focused on advancing our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives internally to drive down our energy usage, build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive company culture and provide our stakeholders with updates on our goals and accomplishments. In fact, our board made improving ESG part of my own goals for the year.

We are the global leader in energy storage solutions. As the world’s needs change and society’s priorities evolve, we recognize that our ongoing success is by no means certain. We need to remain agile and transform our mindset and business as we help solve the world’s most pressing challenges, both new and old.

I genuinely believe we are a better company because of our sustainability initiatives. They push us to be more efficient, develop innovative solutions for our customers and build a stronger, more diverse, appealing and engaging workplace for all of our employees. I’m proud to share this report of what we accomplished in 2021. We are working daily to meet our environmental and social goals and build a sustainable future – everywhere, for everyone.


David M. Shaffer
President & CEO


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2021 Goals

In 2021, we set goals to advance our progress in sustainability, reduce our environmental footprint and create a more inclusive and empowering environment for all our employees. We are actively working to expand these goals to other key ESG issues in 2022.


2021 Initiatives

In 2021, EnerSys joined a number of sustainability and social responsibility initiatives to help further progress toward achieving our goals and demonstrating our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen.

Sustainability Report 2021

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