The power of the broadband network to keep us connected is indisputable, and the power within that network has become increasingly critical. The broadband communication network requires reliable, intelligent power and for more than 40 years we have set the standard for delivering it.

The access network has always required reliable power to function. Beginning with traditional Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) actives that were designed to stretch the reach of RF communications. Then, analog optical nodes connected the RF network to the fiber backbone. Today, Digital Access Architecture (DAA) nodes combine optical transport, RF launch points and even edge computing in a single device. Reliable power has never been more critical for reliable network operations than today.

This need for reliable power has created a vast backhauled broadband power grid that is enabling new opportunities in small cell, Wi-Fi, IoT and security and surveillance for broadband providers. As the value of the HFC network continues to expand, so will the need for robust, reliable and intelligent powering.

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Offering the most complete network powering system solutions available, we are the global leader in HFC network powering. Beginning with our reliable, intelligent, high efficiency power supplies with embedded DOCSIS® 3.1 communication modules, the heart of our solutions are designed to ensure your network never skips a beat.

Additionally, our temperature resilient, high-capacity AlphaCell® batteries provide industry leading float service life and energy capacity ensuring maximum backup capacity for your network. Our line of Alpha® enclosures provide exceptional passive thermal management while protecting the power system from the elements and providing security against theft. Finally, our powerful remote monitoring and maintenance software is optimized when used to monitor our intelligent power supply with the embedded Apps+ platform.



Extending Your Battery Runtimes

In today's connected world, your customers cannot afford disruptions to the network, as so much of our lives requires seamless network connectivity at all times. Clean, reliable power is absolutely essential, which means that your network needs power even when the utility grid goes down. That's why for over 40 years the world's cable operators have trusted their networks with reliable Alpha® powering systems backed up by EnerSys® batteries and remote management solutions. But what happens when the increasing frequency and duration of climate-related utility power outages exceeds your network backup capacity designed just a few years ago? Can you cost-effectively increase battery capacity of your outside plant sites to extend your runtime? Can you increase the size of your cabinets to add more batteries, or are there batteries that will provide higher energy-density that will fit in my existing cabinets?

Learn what is driving the need for extended runtime and how EnerSys® right-sized energy storage solutions can help keep your network running at all times.

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From project initiation to end-of-life, our global suite of services supports your backup power needs while our global design, engineering and service specialists are ideally positioned to support your projects from conception and installation to on-site maintenance and after-sales service.

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Broadband network power requirements are evolving with new 10G, enabling access network architectures, allowing us to innovate and assure network power is more reliable for the future.

Rob Anderson, EnerSys Director of Product Management