As the worldwide leader in outside plant equipment monitoring, EnerSys® oversees more than 700,000 power supplies and optical nodes in broadband networks around the globe. Real-time power supply monitoring means timely, actionable information, giving operators time to respond to utility outages before they become customer effecting events. Our Continuity® and Alpha® XD platforms monitor outside plant power supplies from any vendor supporting ANSI-SCTE HMS standards. When monitoring Alpha power supplies, Alpha XD and Continuity create a network power ecosystem providing not only standards-based status monitoring but also complete power system management.

Network power management includes:

  • New installed UPS systems complete a multi-point provisioning startup sequence to certify operation before the installer leaves the site, vastly reducing repeat site visits
  • During utility power outages, battery runtime calculations within each power supply are collated and reported, enabling operators to strategically deploy portable generator assets to critical sites before extended utility outages exhaust batteries, preventing network outages
  • Real-time and historic power utility and UPS performance reporting across the network identifies geographic areas with questionable utility grid performance
  • Advanced network-wide UPS and battery test scheduling identifies sites with diminished battery performance, permitting battery maintenance before utility outages result in network downtime
  • Battery life remaining reports enable budgeting for asset replacements before aging batteries diminish available runtime below acceptable levels
  • New power supply features can be installed using Alpha XD and Continuity software downloads, without truck rolls to individual locations.

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