Floor cleaning equipment helps keep commercial and industrial buildings clean and safe all over the world. A reliable power source is key to ensure efficiency and prevent downtime.

For a flexible workflow, NexSys® TPPL batteries beat conventional batteries. They feature a storage life of up to four times longer and a life cycle of more than twice that of AGM and flooded batteries. In addition to a 50% reduction in recharge time, NexSys TPPL batteries also offer increased energy savings of up to 10%. All this combined improves the Total Cost of Ownership by at least 20%.  


AGV and Floor Care Grapic

Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) Design
NexSys® TPPL batteries are constructed with 99% pure lead plates, which are extremely thin, so more of them fit into the battery. More plates mean more power – up to 20% more power than the same sized conventional battery.

No more watering or waiting to charge
Maintenance-free NexSys TPPL batteries can be fast charged in less than two hours and never need watering, so there’s never a risk of spills on clean floors.

A safer, cleaner choice for carpets & public spaces
Sealed NexSys TPPL batteries are minimal gassing and won’t overflow onto carpets, so they are a great option for retail or public environments. With a 2-year shelf life and a cycle life of up to 1,500 cycles. NexSys TPPL batteries will be ready to go after sitting idle for months.


Floor care and cleaning machines such as scrubbers and sweepers require reliable battery power to get the job done effectively.

Charger & Power Modules

NexSys® TPPL Blocs Batteries

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NexSys® TPPL Batteries

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