EnerSys® is committed to acting as a responsible industry leader in environmental management systems. All EnerSys employees are expected to take appropriate measures to protect the environment, comply with all EnerSys legal requirements and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Specifically, EnerSys is committed to:

  • Ensuring that our operations and products meet or exceed federal, state, and local environmental requirements
  • Developing products that will have a limited impact on our environment over their whole life cycle 
  • Using energy and water resources efficiently and reducing the impacts of our resource use
  • Monitoring, controlling, and eliminating, where possible, environmental emissions, discharges and wastes generated by our operations
  • Working constructively and cooperating with regulatory agencies and other organizations to develop equitable and realistic laws, regulations, and standards to protect public health and the environment
  • Being a responsible corporate citizen in communities in which we operate by responsibly addressing any citizen or public concerns regarding our operations

climate change policy

EnerSys management is responsible for insuring compliance with this policy and for the development and implementation of environmental programs and procedures for each location. Corporate Environment, Health and Safety is responsible for providing counsel and guidance to management in establishing environmental programs and in fulfilling responsibilities under this policy.

EnerSys’ actions to implement our environmental stewardship commitment includes:

  • Developing and Improving Products – EnerSys understands that there are many responsibilities that come with being the leading manufacturer of industrial batteries and related energy products, including the development of products that will use resources efficiently.
  • Battery Recycling - EnerSys has battery recycling programs to assist our customers in preserving the environment and to comply with recycling and waste disposal regulations. EnerSys endeavors to facilitate the recycling of batteries in an environmentally safe manner. It is an obligation we share as an industry leader. Monitoring Our Performance - EnerSys sets objectives and targets to realize an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement in our environmental performance. EnerSys regularly reviews our business activities, engages our stakeholders about our objectives and targets, and assesses our environmental programs and practices as necessary to identify areas for improvements.


David M. Shaffer

President and CEO