Outdoor Small Cells

Broad deployment of small cells requires flexible powering solutions. EnerSys® provides local power supplies as well as remote line power systems and power over coaxial cables. Our versatility and understanding of deployment issues enable network builders to rapidly deploy blanket coverage for an area.

Operators place 5G outdoor small cells where they can provide the best coverage. Sometimes, the sites have ready access to the electrical grid; other times, power has to be delivered to the site. This variability requires the kind of flexibility and innovation in power system design provided by EnerSys®. We have a solution for all types of small cell deployments. 


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When a connection to the electrical grid is readily available at the site, the EnerSys® Cellect™ 2500 is a flexible AC & DC outdoor power cabinet for powering small cell sites. The aesthetic cabinet’s profile, compact form factor mimics the shape of the pole. Cellect™ minimizes the number of pole attachments, resulting in lower recurring fees.

When electricity is not available at the site, our LPS36 line power system energizes small cells by delivering power over copper cables. Installing the copper cables with the fiber backhaul lines provides a simple means to feed power to the small cell sites. Our centralized power hub makes a single connection to the grid, then distributes converted power over the copper lines to a downconverter that supplies a voltage that matches the small cell’s requirements. For DC powered radios, the downconverter output connects directly to the small cell. For AC powered devices, our Univerter converts the voltage to AC.


EnerSys® is a leading supplier of energy storage, DC and AC power systems, remote power systems, enclosures, distribution equipment, and intelligent network controls for communications networks.

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LPR48-300 Down-Converter

The LPR48-300 energizes 5G small cell radios with power delivered over traditional telephone cables. The LPR48-300 converts the ±190Vdc remote line power from up to four (4) twisted copper pairs into 300W of 48Vdc for powering the 5G radios. The compact unit is sealed to an IP67 rating making it ideal for deployment on aerial strand, lamp posts, sides of buildings, or in telecom vaults or pedestals. The unit’s power holdup capabilities help prevent radio resetting caused by caused by line surges.

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