EnerSys® is committed to ensuring the safety of all employees by meeting or exceeding applicable safety and health requirements throughout the company. We provide necessary resources to prevent injuries and illnesses through the cooperative efforts of all employees. These efforts include regular evaluations, implementation of improved methods and procedures, application of safeguards for processes and equipment and providing training for all employees to assist them in performing their jobs safely.

It is management's responsibility to oversee implementation of all necessary safeguards to protect the safety and health of our employees. These safeguards include the development, promotion, implementation, coordination and monitoring of safety and health programs. Each location is responsible for ensuring these safeguards are in place and for working with employees to protect them from injury and illness. Corporate environmental, health and safety is responsible for providing counsel and guidance to management in establishing their safety and health programs and in fulfilling their responsibilities under this policy.

Each employee is responsible for his or her safe job performance and for following all safety and health rules, regulations and procedures intended for the protection of themselves and fellow employees. Safety and health are integral to all operations and are the responsibility of all EnerSys employees.