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As the global leader in stored energy solutions, we are redefining technology, empowering our customers and meeting the needs of a changing world.


Curious about our leap into Lithium-ion tech and the exciting world of DC fast charging? Dive into the EnerSys Fast Charging Ecosystem and witness the future unfold. 



From satellites to submarines, semi-trucks to substations, forklifts to 5G networks, we are driven by a passion to keep the world working. Jump in and explore the range of industries, applications and customers we serve with our advanced energy storage and energy system solutions.

Why EnerSys?

So why choose to partner with EnerSys®? Put simply, it’s because we want to help you achieve your goals. We have the portfolio of solutions and services to deliver a full turnkey power solution. Our strength lies not only in our technology but also in our global teams and the diverse expertise they hold.

When you put your trust in us, we’ll exceed your expectations by supplying world-class products and services that give you the potential to change the world for the better.

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Industry Article

No power, no problem

No power, no problem

Outdoor small cells complement the macro cell network by providing pinpoint coverage in urban locales, additional capacity to offload the macro (densification), and economical solutions for rural areas. They are becoming a vital part of the wireless network and an essential component to successful deployment of 5G.

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Keeping Team Sledd on the Move

Keeping Team Sledd on the Move

“Our pain points all along have been the risks and downtimes associated with traditional batteries. As a virtually maintenance-free battery, installing NexSys® batteries in our warehouse fleet has resulted in high productivity gains. Our uptime is critical. No service issues or safety concerns. We just plug it in and charge.”

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Drawing from their individual strengths, our global experts come together to build powerful solutions that work for a better tomorrow. Discover the brands that put a face and name to our expertise and visit their independent websites.