Whether patrolling the world’s oceans in times of peace or war to exploring the depths of the oceans, underwater vehicles and submarines are able to gather intelligence and undertake surveillance. EnerSys® batteries provide power and improve safety in underwater vessels.

Constant innovations and improvements are integral to today’s evolving naval power needs. EnerSys® is there, working closely with navies around the world to provide proven standby power for nuclear powered submarines, and as the primary propulsion source in diesel and electric vessels. By using technology that reduces maintenance and lowers cost while improving safety, we provides batteries that feature extreme shock, vibration, temperature and flammability protection to meet or exceed requirements of the world’s most advanced submarines and unmanned underwater vehicles.



Ranges for Submarines and Underwater Vehicles

Our battery technologies reduce service requirements, achieve a true positive flow operation, and improve safety for submarines and unmanned underwater vehicles.


Hawker® Submarine Batteries

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