EnerSys® provides innovative and custom standby power solutions through a diverse product line of large-scale battery systems, chargers and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Applications include power generation facilities, substations, electrical utilities and transportation systems.

The ACS-HP Series is designed to charge all types of stationary batteries (FLA, VRLA and Ni-Cd) for industrial, utility, petrochemical and fire/utility applications. A compact 4RU shelf accommodates up to five hot-swappable, fan cooled Cordex® 4.4kW rectifiers.

The MODUPS Series UPS is a continuous duty, single or three-phase input and one-phase output, double-conversion, solid-state uninterruptible power supply. Designed specifically as an AC backup power source for critical AC loads, it has an operational level of greater than 92% power efficiency results in less power usage than typical UPS systems. With optimal system efficiency at 50 to 100% of load, additional inverter and/or rectifier modules may be added to the system with no negative impact on system efficiency.

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