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NexSys® COMpact Onboard Charger

POWER ON DEMAND. Compact size, zero maintenance and advanced iQ intelligence make NexSys® COMpact charging solutions and NexSys Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) battery technology a best-in-class turnkey solution for material handling operations to recharge anywhere and anytime. It's smart, convenient, onboard charging for Class III trucks.

Anytime, anywhere charging

Eliminate unproductive transfers to inconvenient charging stations and battery change applications. Integrating the NexSys® COMpact charger and battery with our unique iQ charging profiles allows an operator to drive to the nearest AC socket and recharge the battery without needing to drive to the charging station. NexSys TPPL technology enables fast and opportunity charging to extract more from one battery in a workday than ever before.

  • Compact size fits most 24V batteries for Class III
  • Recharge anytime, anywhere
  • Virtually maintenance free – reduce service costs and manual intervention
  • Best-in-class high frequency charging solution
  • Up to 94% efficiency reduces recharge costs

Product Specification

Take a look at the following NexSys® COMpact comparison:


Forklifts & Pallet Trucks

Automated Guided Vehicles

Floor Care / Cleaning Machines

Ground Support Equipment

Power output kW (Min)


Power output kW (Max)


Voltage (Min)


Voltage (Max)


Communication Capabilities

CAN bus

RS 485

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