EnerSys® Advances Energy Capabilities of NexSys® TPPL Battery Technology with Accelerated Throughput Package


– EnerSys® (NYSE:ENS), the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications, announces an advancement in thin plate pure lead (TPPL) battery technology with the introduction of an optional Accelerated Throughput Package (ATP)* for select NexSys® TPPL batteries.

NexSys® TPPL batteries equipped with the new ATP offer a significant increase in daily energy throughput compared to standard NexSys® TPPL batteries – making them ideal for harder-running, higher-reaching Class 1 and 2 equipment applications formerly requiring battery changing. This additional energy capability provided with the ATP upgrade is achieved via improved thermal management that enables faster, more efficient energy uptake during brief charging periods such as operator breaks, shift changes or any period of non-use.

Harold Vanasse, Senior Director of Marketing, Motive Power Global at EnerSys, explains, “Switching from battery changing to opportunity charging significantly alters battery selection. With changing, the battery is removed from equipment and recharged separately, over an extended period of time. This means the critical factor is overall energy storage capacity - determining how long equipment can work before needing a battery change. Opportunity charging equipment during breaks and other brief intervals adds energy intake efficiency as a consideration to maintain charge levels. Our TPPL technology, known for its high charging efficiency is further enhanced with the ATP, providing accelerated recharging without compromising the maintenance-free experience synonymous with our NexSys® battery line. NexSys® TPPL with ATP is particularly suited for applications requiring additional energy capabilities to support high-volume, multi-shift operations.”

EnerSys® will feature NexSys® TPPL with the new ATP upgrade at their upcoming trade shows: Intermodal (Booth M010) in Sao Paulo, Brazil from March 5-7, 2024, and LogiMAT (Booth 10B09) in Stuttgart, Germany from March 19-21, 2024.

For more information about EnerSys® and its full line of products, systems, and support, visit www.enersys.com or contact your local EnerSys representative.

*Product only available in EMEA, SOUTH AMERICA and APAC regions


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