Zero defects and zero tolerance of non-quality are the EnerSys Quality objectives.

EnerSys Quality Policy is that the customer is always first. This unwavering focus to meet all customer requirements is driven by a commitment to provide best value and satisfaction in product and service, using a world class culture of superior customer support, continuous improvement, employee involvement and supplier partnerships, all in a socially responsible manner.

We expect our Suppliers, which are an intrinsic part of our business, to commit to a zero defects approach and to demonstrate that commitment through on-time delivery of fully conforming products, rigorous adherence to defined processes and requirements, and active participation in value improvement processes, including maximum responsiveness, rapid resolution of issues, and a positive attitude

The EnerSys purchasing strategy is simple: identify, select, and pro-actively develop the most competitive, innovative, and best-performing Suppliers by implementing the following:

  • Precise selection processes
  • A qualification process that incorporates audits and a product approval system
  • Ongoing monitoring of performance
  • Best-in-class products and processes


EnerSys expectations are defined in our Global Supplier Quality Manual. This Supplier Quality Manual provides our suppliers and potential suppliers with the requirements and expectations for securing business and maintaining a successful Supplier-Customer partnership. Every Supplier should read and review the Global Supplier Quality Manual by contacting a representative of the EnerSys Quality department.

Suppliers are expected to be knowledgeable of the Global Supplier Quality Manual content. Acceptance and compliance is a factor in doing business with EnerSys. We expect the appropriate stakeholder within your organization to review the manual and maintain a working knowledge of its content

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