Championing Sustainable Growth at Work and Home

At EnerSys, we are committed to driving a culture of sustainability, inclusivity, resiliency, and reliability. Jacqueline Maldonado, Senior Manager Program Management at the EnerSys facility in Longmont, Colorado, plays a pivotal part in this mission. Leading battery programs to the Moon, Mars, and beyond, Jacqueline and the Longmont team are at the forefront of cutting-edge space research for humanity, all while sustaining the well-being of our planet.

Jacqueline started at ABSL Power Solutions, Inc. before it became part of EnerSys. Nearly 16 years later, she is still an integral part of the Longmont EnerSys team . “I am proud to have been part of the team’s growth from the beginning, starting from an eight-person team and reaching over 100 employees this year,” said Jacqueline. 

Championing sustainable growth in the facility and in her community, Jacqueline’s commitment extends beyond environmentally conscious practices to fostering resilient, motivated, and cohesive teams at our Longmont location. Through her innovative leadership, Jacqueline demonstrates that true sustainability includes sustaining our teams as well as our environment. “Our dedication to our teams and to the community has increased the recognition and success that EnerSys has seen in Longmont,” Jacqueline emphasized.

The Longmont facility, recognized externally for supporting notable NASA missions, is also known internally for its musical features. Musical motivation can be heard in the halls of Longmont from the manufacturing team’s “victory bell”, cell processing’s musical door, and the testing team’s “celebratory gong.” Jacqueline knows that musical instruments can go a long way. “My team really loves their gong. They use it when they’re finally done working on a very intense project, and it is great to see how it adds to the comradery of the team and keeps morale high.”

Pictured: Celebratory gong in the testing lab used by Jacqueline’s team

From the start of her career with ABSL, Jacqueline has been at the heart of the team’s growth. She has been a core part of the Longmont team’s evolution, starting with three to four small programs to now executing 25-40 programs at a time. Committed to fostering growth at EnerSys, Jacqueline has also served as a mentor for two classes in the Mentoring in Leadership Excellence Program (MiLE), which supports professional and personal development through mentoring partnerships. Through her mentorship, Jacqueline is expanding her commitment to sustainable team development beyond Longmont and inspiring others throughout the company.

Beyond championing sustainable growth at EnerSys, Jacqueline is driving sustainable growth at home and in her community. She is a proud owner of a hybrid car, powering her commute to work completely with electricity!

Pictured: Jacqueline’s hybrid car charging in her garage with a wall plug in charger.

Living in a water scarce region in Colorado, Jacqueline and her community are acutely aware of the importance of water stewardship. In fact, her neighborhood began restricting household water usage, requiring residents to monitor and control their usage. “I am consistently using less than 50% of my water allocation,” says Jacqueline. While many residents struggle to stay within their allocated usage, Jacqueline has water-wise landscaping, which fills her yard with colorful flowers instead of water intensive grass. “Maintaining a yard with a low water demand made a big difference for my household.”

Pictured: Flowers in Jacqueline’s lawn, part of her water wise landscaping.

As Jacqueline reflects on her time at EnerSys, her pride and the role she has played in the company’s growth and achievement is evident. She has been a steadfast champion for sustainable growth, not only by fostering a supportive and dynamic team environment but also by exemplifying sustainable living in her personal life. Her leadership has inspired her colleagues through demanding projects, keeping teams motivated and successful. Listen for the sounds of the bell and gong ringing though the halls of the Longmont facility as her team accomplishes the milestones ahead!