Celebrating Decades of Water Stewardship in Monterrey Mexico

As a global energy storage manufacturer, EnerSys understands the impact energy usage and operations have on the environment and climate. We are deeply committed to minimizing our footprint and serving as a good steward of our natural resources, specifically water, as global water scarcity becomes increasingly severe. To address this pressing challenge, EnerSys has pledged to take action. In 2021, we joined the U.N. CEO Water Mandate, a platform led by CEOs dedicated to advancing water stewardship and alleviating water stress worldwide by 2050.

Aligned with our commitment to water stewardship, for over three decades EnerSys has implemented proactive measures to relieve water stress in Monterrey, Mexico, a region facing water scarcity. The water management practices used at our Monterrey battery plant save about 35 million liters of water annually, equivalent to 14 Olympic-size swimming pools, this is achieved by not using drinking water as the main source of supply for process water.

Francisco Soria, our local Environmental Engineer, emphasizes the significance of establishing a long-term, sustainable process in a water-stressed region like Monterrey. He describes the filtration and industrial water reuse system, which is made up of intricate tubing connecting facilities like “branches” of a tree. “Used industrial water flows through this network,” Francisco explains, “undergoing rigorous refining, ensuring it meets stringent quality standards for various facility applications, from production processes and to use in garden maintenance.” By efficiently using type industrial water, our facility not only meets its water demands from process, but also significantly reduces its operational impact on the region.

EnerSys successfully filters about 70%-80 of the industrial water it receives from the city for operational use. This process involved pre-treating the used water upon entry, including primary filtration through a semi-automatic system adhering to specific parameters based on intended use, followed by reverse osmosis refining filtration.

The system alleviates stress on the environment and the community by drawing water from an industrial source rather than the city’s drinking water supply. EnerSys sees additional savings in cost as industrial water is significantly cheaper. Utilizing industrial water on site benefits the environment by conserving limited resources and proves cost-effective, while preserving community well-being by avoiding drinking water.

The picture on the right shows the filtration system at the Monterrey facility.

Our commitment to sustainability and water stewardship at the Monterrey facility sets a precedent showcasing how proactive measures can lead to meaningful environmental benefits. As we strive to improve our operational impact, the strategic process at Monterrey will continue to inspire other efficiency improvements at various EnerSys locations across the globe.