EnerSys® Factory Achieves Four-Year Safety Record Milestone

The EnerSys® factory in Sumter, SC has achieved a record four years in a row – 2018 through 2020 – with zero time-lost accidents, reflecting the company’s commitment to fostering a culture of accountability and creating a safe work environment. The factory, which fabricates the metal “trays” for EnerSys motive power batteries, uses an active safety audit program and strives to ensure its employees are deeply involved in the process. The Sumter factory performs audits and prioritizes any work orders around safety, completing nearly 1,000 work orders to date for proactive and preemptive safety measures.

A lost-time accident occurs when a worker is injured seriously enough that they cannot work for a period of time, and they are paid by worker’s compensation. “Across the entire company, we always strive to foster a proactive culture and safety-first mindset. This is a shining example of that work in action,” explained Sumter Plant Manager, Charles Dixon.

Highlighting the accomplishment of operating for three years without such an accident, Dixon continued, “We aren’t making marshmallows or pillows. During those three years, we moved over 90 million pounds of steel.” The Sumter factory works with materials like steel that can be sharp and potentially dangerous if workers are not careful, making the ongoing safety measures vital and their achievements at Sumter impressive.

At the Sumter facility, the commitment to a culture of safety and accountability is further exemplified by the fact that 99% of safety-related work orders are generated by employees. When workers notice something is out of order, they feel a strong sense of personal accountability to take action to rectify the situation and keep their colleagues safe. An example of this is proactively monitoring equipment. Before conveyors and lift tables can wear out, employees pay close attention to ensure the appropriate repairs and replacements are made before potential accidents can occur.

The EnerSys® Sumter factory is setting the bar for what is possible when the commitment to safety permeates company culture at all levels, and safe and efficient manufacturing processes allow EnerSys® to continue providing customers with world-class products and services while safeguarding its valued employees who make it possible.


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