NexSys® AIR Wireless Charger

Do your AGVs offer advanced wireless charging? How will you compete against someone that does?


With a pending global shortage of 85 million workers, reducing reliance on employees to manually plugin AGVs to charge is a strong motive to automate and allows for more efficient and resilient operations. But deploying automated guided vehicles (AGVs) is still often viewed by customers as a costly, risky and potentially career-jeopardizing decision.

Your AGV offering is most likely robust and highly capable, but do your charging options reflect that same commitment to productivity and safety?

If your AGV systems rely solely on traditional charging options, you compromise the operational returns of your customers – leaving your business vulnerable to competitors offering safer, more advanced systems.


Traditional Charging Methods Risk Productivity, Safety and Your Business

Many customers now avoid AGV options requiring workers to plug-in or change-out batteries, as that still keeps productivity of their AGV fleet at the mercy of employees, whose availability and dependability are likely compromised by dramatic worker shortages.

While “hot shoe” charging may minimize some of their personnel concerns, the required mechanical contacts in hot shoe systems pose the risk of arc flashes and pitting  when not vigilantly maintained by workers – the very workforce they’re trying to minimize.

NexSys® AIR wireless chargers can differentiate your AGV system - eliminating both worker dependence and hazards from worn charging contacts.  NexSys® AIR wireless chargers deliver safe and reliable automated charging across a wide range of AGV types - enabling your system to stand out from competitive offerings by directly addressing your customer’s goals and concerns.

  • Eliminate frustration with reliance on workers to charge-up or change-out AGV batteries
  • Alleviate concerns over safety hazards from hot shoe charging contacts that are worn or dirty
  • Minimize charging hardware with a system compatible across equipment types*
  • Build customer confidence with safety features that protect both people and assets
  • Maximize system productivity by opportunity charging AGVs during inactive periods

*Compatibility across AGV and battery types subject to technical requirements, ask your EnerSys® representative for more details  

The advanced capabilities of NexSys® AIR wireless chargers help you maximize the productivity of your customer's AGV investment, the safety of their daily operations and the effectiveness of your business development activity.

Offering NexSys® AIR wireless chargers as part of your AGV systems enables you to keep pace with advanced competitors offering similar systems, while giving you an advantage over those only offering traditional charging systems. 

To learn more about NexSys® AIR wireless chargers, please feel free to download an overview sheet or watch our video below.

If you have an application you'd like to discuss, please feel free to contact us. 

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NexSys® AIR Wireless Charger

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NexSys® AIR Wireless Charger

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