NexSys® AIR Wireless Charger

Are your AGVs truly automated? Or do you still need workers for plug-ins, battery changes and charger maintenance?



Investments in automated guided vehicles (AGVs) can be sizable, but they enable operations to reduce reliance on workers - ensuring productivity and operational resilience. But traditional charging options, such as worker plug-ins, changing batteries or even “hot shoe” charging contacts each present barriers to true automation – jeopardizing AGV productivity and safety.


Traditional Charging Methods Prevent True Automation

Aside from inherent operational inefficiencies, having workers plug-in or change-out batteries still keeps productivity of your AGV fleet at the mercy of employees, whose availability and dependability are likely compromised by the pending global shortage of 85 million workers.

While some operations rely on “hot shoe” charging to reduce personnel concerns, their mechanical contacts can pose significant risk of arc flashes and pitting when not vigilantly maintained by workers – part of the very workforce they’re trying to minimize.

NexSys® AIR wireless chargers eliminate both worker dependence and hazards from worn charge contacts - delivering safe and reliable automated charging across a wide range of AGV applications. The advantages of NexSys® AIR wireless chargers enable you to make the most of your AGV investment.

  • Eliminate downtime waiting for workers to plug-in / unplug AGVs or change batteries
  • Alleviate arc flashes and pitting from worn or dirty hot shoe charging contacts
  • Enable charging of multiple AGV and battery types by a single charger*
  • Protect your equipment, workers and facility with advanced safety features
  • Optimize AGV productivity with flexibility to charge during inactive periods

*Compatibility across AGV and battery types subject to technical requirements, ask your EnerSys® representative for more details  

NexSys® AIR wireless chargers enable your AGV fleet to operate safely, efficiently and reliably - eliminating worker dependence for daily operations and charger maintenance. NexSys® AIR wireless chargers help you maximize the productivity of your AGV investment and achieve the goal of true automation.

To learn more about NexSys® AIR wireless chargers, please feel free to download an overview sheet or watch our video below.

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NexSys® AIR Wireless Charger

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NexSys® AIR Wireless Charger

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