NexSys® iON battery

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) technology from EnerSys®

NexSys® iON battery solutions include the industry’s most advanced Lithium-ion (Li-ion) technology from EnerSys® — a technology that powered the world’s first Li-ion battery powered satellite in 2001 and currently powers hundreds of satellites in orbit.

Built to the highest safety, design and manufacturing standards, and ideal for heavy-duty applications, low-upkeep NexSys iON batteries are available in a scalable range of sizes and configurations. 

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Whatever the size of your fleet or facility, NexSys® iON batteries can help cut downtime and battery ownership costs, contributing to more productive and profitable operations.

  • Faster recharge rates cut unproductive downtime
  • No hassles or surprise expenses from daily maintenance
  • Eliminate costly battery changing – optimized for opportunity charging
  • Easy plug-and-play charging – no need to disconnect battery from the truck
nexsys lithium ion battery in forklift truck image

NexSys® iON batteries feature fully integrated battery management controls that support greater safety, reliability and battery life.

  • Avoid issues related to integrating components from multiple vendors
  • One comprehensive data and reporting solution
  • Easy-to-use platforms provide operational support

Lithium-ion Battery Operations Management

NexSys® iON Battery

Advanced Lithium-ion Technology


NexSys® iON Batteries

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