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Alpha® Traffic Mini BBS

Alpha® Traffic Mini Battery Backup Systems (BBS) is a rugged enclosure made of 0.125” aluminum and designed to easily accommodate an Alpha® uninterruptible power supply, Universal Automatic Transfer Switch and up to four AlphaCell™ 100XTV or two 195/240XTV’s.

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The Traffic Mini BBS is an outdoor-rated (NEMA 3R) enclosure. Features include: drop down lift off door, Type 2 Corbin lock, integrated document holder, tamper switch, wide range Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), remote monitoring/control and temperature compensated battery charging for extended battery life. The Alpha® Traffic Mini BBS provides constant, reliable backup power for Traffic, ITS, Access Control, Security, Public Utility and Telecommunications applications in a compact, all-in-one enclosure.

The system provides the same functionality as the Alpha class leading FXM Series, for lower power space constraint applications, in a single easy to install cabinet with a favorable curb appeal. *Runtime calculated with 450W resistive load with 4 x AlphaCell 100XTV at 25°C **Excluding batteries

  • Consolidated battery backup system (BBS) designed to power ATC, NEMA M, P & 336 (or similar style) traffic controller cabinets
  • Ideal solution for space constraint applications providing >4 hours of battery runtime*
  • Self-contained UPS, factory wired, tested and ready to install, reducing installation time and cost**
  • Alpha’s “No Worries” 5 Year Warranty full replacement with AlphaCell™ 100XTV batteries
  • Compact, integrated 350W or 1000W battery backup system, utilizing the same design and similar features of the highly successful and reliable FXM series UPS
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Product Specification

Take a look at the following Alpha® Traffic Mini BBS product specification:

Product Type

Outdoor UPS Systems


Security & Surveillance

Traffic & Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Nominal AC Input Voltage


Maximum Output Power

350W / 1000W

Nominal Input Frequency

50/60 Hz ±5% (Autosense)

Nominal Output Voltage

120 VAC

Maximum Output Current

6A DC / 10A DC

AC Input Breaker Rating

5.3A / 14A

Output Voltage Regulation

±10% Line Mode / ±2% Inverter Mode

Output Frequency

= Input Frequency

Operating Temperature Range

-40 to 74°C (-4 to 165°F)**

Dimensions H x W x D (inches)

34 x 16 x 12

Dimensions H x W x D (mm)

864 x 406 x 305

Net Weight (lb)

55 / 65

Net Weight (kg)

25 / 29.5