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Fiamm Motive Power® Energy Dry Batteries

Maintenance-free Fiamm Motive Power® energy dry batteries require no topping off with water for the entire operational life of the battery. No maintenance, reduced charging time, high energy efficiency and cost savings make Fiamm Motive Power energy dry batteries an excellent choice for industrial trucks in normal duty and one shift applications.
Fiamm Motive Power energy dry batteries are valve regulated gas recombination with gelled electrolyte – well suited for material handling equipment in low-to-medium duty applications. Battery cells feature an enhanced capacity compared to other maintenance-free batteries on the market. Gelled electrolyte prevents battery leakage and acid stratification during cycling. The low-tolerance pressure valve provides for a high gas recombination rate, preventing premature battery dry out. Bolt-on connectors facilitate easier cell replacement. Recharging time is significantly reduced using high frequency Fiamm Motive Power Premium HF flex or HF com chargers: 8 hours at 60% Depth of Discharge (DOD); 12 hours at 80% DOD.
  • No topping up necessary
  • No risk of spillage
  • Durable construction
  • Low hydrogen emissions

Product Specification

Take a look at the following FMP Energy Dry comparison:


Forklifts & Pallet Trucks

Automated Guided Vehicles

Floor Care / Cleaning Machines

Ground Support Equipment

Technology / Chemistry


Capacity (Min) - Europe standard


Capacity (Max) - Europe standard


Capacity Europe standard

Ah / C5 / 1.7Vpc / 30°C

Capacity (Min) - US standard


Capacity (Max) - US standard


Voltage (Min)


Voltage (Max)



DIN sizes