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Hawker® Armasafe™ Plus Batteries

Today's military demands a higher standard of combat readiness and more effective management of operational energy. Hawker® ARMASAFE™ Plus batteries have been meeting this mission since 2003. Featuring advanced Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology, ARMASAFE Plus batteries deliver the power, performance, and reliability necessary to win on the battlefield.
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Field-tested power and reliability

With over 2 million units fielded and installed, soldiers worldwide have come to know the ARMASAFE Plus 6TAGM battery as the "Hawker battery", the "A+" and the "HASP (Hawker ARMASAFE Plus)." Whatever the nickname applied, ARMASAFE Plus 6TAGM batteries remain as the original and preferred choice for military vehicle batteries. For more information, please visit www.hawkerbattery.com.

  • Massive starting power, high reserve power and multiple deep cycle power
  • Sealed, non-spillable and virtually maintenance-free
  • Up to 4X the service life of conventional batteries
  • Extreme vibration resistant and high reliability
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Product Specification

Take a look at the following Hawker Armasafe product specification:


Military Vehicles

Technology / Chemistry

Thin plate pure lead

Capacity (Min) - Europe standard


Capacity (Max) - Europe standard


Capacity Europe standard


Capacity (Min) - US standard


Capacity (Max) - US standard


Voltage (Min)


Voltage (Max)


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