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Backed by 20+ years of advanced design and manufacturing experience, Quallion® medical batteries deliver life-saving, mission-critical performance for medical equipment and implantable medical devices. Featuring Zero Volt™ technology that tolerates deep discharges with no impact on cycle life, capacity or performance, Quallion batteries provide unmatched advantages to device manufacturers and patients. 

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Powering life Quallion Lithium-ion (Li-ion) external medical batteries enable more powerful, flexible, portable and intelligent medical equipment products. These compact, rechargeable batteries are used in mobile defibrillators, X-ray machines, monitoring devices and other life-critical diagnostic equipment. Quallion batteries are also used in devices that are implanted in the human body. These long life Li-ion cells are qualified to power a variety of devices, including cochlear implants, neurostimulation devices, glucose sensors and cardiac rhythm monitors.
  • Robust chemistry capable of delivering extended performance and long life
  • Designed for up to 25 years of cycle life under varied conditions
  • Minimal self-discharge and calendar fade 100,000+ medical implantable cells manufactured since 2003
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Medical Devices

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Lithium ion

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