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ACE® (Advanced Connected Energy) wirelessly monitors Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) batteries using Bluetooth communication. With ACE, users can retrieve real time and historical performance data locally through a smartphone app and remotely through a cloud service.

Award-winning technology

ACE batteries include a factory embedded Bluetooth-enabled sensor, allowing you to improve your battery efficiency at every stage of the process: from warehousing, through installation and operation, to battery replacement. The embedded sensor measures voltage and temperature, removes the need for external monitoring devices or costly wiring add-on installations and stores key parameters that affect battery performance throughout the battery lifetime.

  • Manage individual batteries or battery fleets on a global scale
  • Local and remote management
  • Get remote and on-site support
  • Monitor State of Charge (SOC) and health, preventing unnecessary battery failure and maximizing performance

Product Specification

Take a look at the following ACE® comparison:


5G, Small Cells & WiFi

Communication Capabilities

CAN bus


RS 485

Wireless Wi-Fi