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EnerSys Truck iQ™ Smart Battery Dashboard

The Truck iQ smart battery dashboard is a forklift truck-mounted display module that gives drivers real-time visibility of truck battery status. Designed to communicate with the Wi-iQ®3 battery monitoring device, Truck iQ can help material handling operations avoid the costs and downtime of premature asset failures.

Real-time visibility Truck iQ smart battery dashboard features a display powered by the battery via the lift truck cables.

It reads real-time data wirelessly from the Wi-iQ3 unit installed on the battery, displaying a range of alerts, alarms and other useful parameters to optimize battery operation.

  • Real-time data on touchscreen mounted on vehicle's dashboard
  • View remaining work time, battery warnings and more for more effective battery usage and protection
  • Displays State of Charge (SOC), temperatures, electrolyte level and cell imbalance
  • Connects without driver intervention – device automatically recognizes battery start-up
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Product Specification

Take a look at the following Truck iQ product specification:


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